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Music Related Articles Wanted!


Welcome to this new section of the ASC website. We are working toward building a comprehensive library of information relating to the many aspects of a music career.

The Australian Songwriters Conference (ASC) invites the submission of original articles for publication on the new Blogs n Pods page on the ASC website. These published articles may also be shared on Social Media sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.

We are looking to include articles on a variety of music-related topics and perspectives. This exercise will not only promote ASC and our next event in 2018, it will also serve as a promotional tool for the article writer and their music.


Article Submissions –¬†Guidelines and Conditions

Articles should be between 800 and 1000 words.

Topics can include songwriting/song crafting, musicianship, music production, demo recording, performance, touring, music business, artist branding, publishing, promotion, music management, royalties – anything that will relate to or be of interest to songwriters,musicians, producers and publishers, and music artists. They can be written from your personal experience (situations you’ve been through that might help others, useful tips, etc) or your professional experience as songwriter, artist, producer etc.

You must be the original author of the article. If you include anything that has been written by someone else, you must credit them in the article.

You may promote your music-related work or business by way of a mention or a ‘plug’ in the article, however the article cannot be about you, your music-related work or business.

You will be credited as the writer of the article and your name, website address and a brief paragraph about you/your work will appear at the foot of the article.

There is no guarantee that any article you submit will be published on the ASC website.

There will be no money or gratuities paid for the articles your submit for publication, regardless of whether or not they are published on the ASC website.

You grant Lisa Butler/Australian Songwriters Conference a non-exclusive right to publish your article on the ASC website, across social media websites, and other sites deemed appropriate for promotion of the ASC.


Article submissions can be emailed to lisabutler@australiansongwritersconference.com

We look forward to receiving your articles for use here so music creators of all levels can learn, be informed, and continue to develop their music careers.


Lisa Butler
ASC Founder/Coordinator