About the Founder

Lisa Butler - ASC Founder CoordinatorThe ASC was founded in early 2007 by Lisa Butler after she attended a songwriter conference in the USA to learn more about her craft. Frustrated by the lack of education and opportunities for songwriters in Australia (and never one to say no to a challenge), Lisa set about developing a concept that would educate, inspire and support songwriters of all genres. Taking inspiration from the overseas events she attended, then adding components that she, as a songwriter, felt were important and relevant to the Australian industry, Lisa created an event that many attendees have coined ‘Song Writer Heaven’.

cusb_kindle cover_final_mediumLisa has always been a writer in one form or another.

2012/13 saw Lisa writing and publishing her inspirational self-help book titled The Constitution of the United States of Being. Affectionately known as the CUSB, it is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon, in a few local book stores and via her website.

A Certified Professional Coach with a Diploma in Counselling, Lisa runs a personal development business, Joyful and Free, assisting her clients to define their goals and overcome their personal roadblocks through soul-centered mentoring, workshops and retreats – all based on the principles found in her book.

Lisa is also an accomplished poet, and a number of her poems appear on cards and in book anthologies through Blue Mountain Press, the Colorado-based international publishing company.

As a micro-business owner, Lisa is a firm believer in sourcing her income from a variety of streams, so when she has time, she also works as a Virtual Assistant, completing admin, writing and website design tasks remotely for small business!